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Oil and gas
The firm can provide legal consultancy in all areas of the petroleum industry, in both the upstream segment, including activities of exploration and production, as well as the downstream segment, advising those in the sector of refining, distribution, commercialization, import and export of petroleum, natural gas, LNG and derivatives. Legal representation can be provided in administrative and legal litigation brought on by regulatory bodies --- notably the Agência Nacional do Petróleo – ANP (National Petroleum Agency) --- and those correlated (ANA, IBAMA, and state agencies, among others). Assistance to investors who wish to participate in the foreseen round of tendering to be promoted by the ANP for the right to perform the activities of exploration and production, as well as the elaboration of legal opinions regarding correlated questions (cession of rights, evolution of the concession contract, local content, unitization, government participation/government takings). Our services also include legal assistance in the participation of tenders for the supplying/provision of goods and services to PETROBRAS and in procedures of mergers and acquisitions of companies participating in the petroliferous sector. The office can also assist those companies who wish to adjust to the norms of Operational Safety in the Exploration and Production of Petroleum and Natural Gas, as imposed by the ANP (National Petroleum Agency), as well as provide legal representation in judicial and administrative proceedings regarding environmental law applied to the oil and gas sector.
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