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Our Office
Who we are
Established based on the principle that governs the leading and most traditional offices in Brazil and abroad, Silveira, Athias, Soriano de Mello, Guimarães, Pinheiro & Scaff – Advogados is mainly focused on the practice of corporate law in the Legal Amazonia, and it provides services for small companies to large corporations in all demand areas. The office was created in Belém as a result of the merger of several offices which previously practiced in specific legal areas and it became a role model for quality legal services in the Amazonian Region.

The office team is composed of quality, qualified and experienced professionals, who are trained to serve the client’s interests.

We provide full services covering virtually all areas of interest of the corporate law, and we are specifically qualified to deal with issues in connection with the Amazonian Region.

Although the office’s partners have filled important public offices, they chose to work in the private area to defend the interests of their clients.

First law firm of Amazonia with lawyers specializing in different areas of corporate law;

Experience in legal services for major projects in the Legal Amazonia;

Qualified to practice in mass actions for large corporations in the Amazonian Region;

Services in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo for legal issues in progress in Amazonia, serving as a bridge between the Northern and the Southern Regions.

Approximately 250 collaborators – about 110 lawyers distributed among the eight (8) offices.

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